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No.3 - Punk

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The Reliants and The DHSSFrom their beginnings as The Reliants in Vince Watts' garage, where teenagers Vince, Edward ian Armchair, Sam Norchi and 12 year old John Higgins would produce Tamworth's first set of punk songs. Through electronic experimentation of The DHSS#1 with Rikk Quay and Ed. Then the split down two different routes of Those Attractive Magnets and The DHSS#2 and The DHSS#3. We then see Edward ian Armchair as a solo performance poet, joined later by Vince again as Norman Conquest and the Formaldehyde Daffodils. Rikk can be seen with The Sway, The Cradle, XPD and The Pakistani Brothers until Rikk and Ed finally join up again in The DHSS#4 - in the days of the infamous 'Ashes' incident and that family favourite 'I've Got a Vicar's Hand in my Underpants'. Over 50 assorted members but with three constants - Edward ian Armchair, Rikk Quay and Vince Watts.

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Punk Poet - Edward ian Armchair
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