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Band Title
Adam Slave Driver
So Sadly Subtle Slave Driver
My Beautiful Daydream

All Before Them Puppet
Roll Up Puppet
Working Day

All Before Them  
I Am Blind Butterfly Mind
Mutton Dressed As Lamb When You Feel
Prisoners Dreamin On

Bash Out The Odd Love Walks Away
Love Walks Away Heavenly Angel
Heavenly Angel Bug

Big Screen  
How Long ('Live') Let It Go
Two Hearts ('Live') Bite the Bullet
Turn Back the Page  

Cosmic Vibes As Cosmic as the Holocaust
Swordfish Wizzard Pt1  

The DHSS v1 Packaged Pleasure
The DHSS Fibre and Art In Time
The Factory Rewind
Test Tube Adults The End

The DHSS v4 Packaged Pleasure
The DHSS Sweet Sixteen
Rewind The End

The DHSS v4 Film Stars and Credit Cards
Clark Gable If I Had My Way
The Money God  

The DHSS v4  
I've Got A Vicars Hand in My Underpants  

The Dream Factory The Haze
The Haze I Want To Tell You (That I Love You)
Remember Me The End

The Dream Factory Wine & Roses (single)
Wine and Roses Fashion Toys

Edward ian Armchair The Armchair Guide to Insanity
False Expressions to Impress Tea Ladies
Dreams The Armchair Guide to Insanity
In Our House Dolls
Rewind The Little Boy Down the Road
Adam and Eve Fat Gut, Bald Head, Smart Grey Suit
Turn the Tape Over The End

Elusive They  
Wishing You Were Here

Emma Gibbs Loves Badges Unobtainable
Unobtainable Garry Bushell
What Do You Get When You Fall In Love Spin

Formaldehyde Daffodils  
Little Red Riding Hood  

First Conspiracy Famous By Tuesday
Touch My Heart Little Children Part 2
Beyond the Pale

First Conspiracy Have a Tablet
Hold On I Feel their Shame
Fear In Her Eyes Passion Burnin'
Forever In Fear Fear Dub

Fretz Bedroom Recording...

Gentleman Jim  

Great Express Various...
(You Could) Change My World Silent Head

Hamilton Hammond Extension Various...
Green Rocky Road Smug

Fools Lament
News For You

King Woderik and The Yogöts Privy Door
Strange Zoological Pretext Chapel Street
Mind Disease Don't Ignore My Pain

Marmyte Sandwich Top Banana
The Sandwich Presents... Breezeblock
Marmyte Pipe Whiplash
Dutch Mushrooms Oak Tree

Mortimer and Kelly  
Autumn Girl Feel Your Touch

Mr Cyn Live at Tamworth Assembly Rooms 1987
Sweet Taste Shine On Me
The Only One Derailed 87

One On One Unseen Visions of a Future Past
Don't Disturb the Water Helpless
Fools Gold Spikin' all the Drinkies
Wheels in Wheels  

What's The Rush Dilbury?  

Hell On Wheels Poltergeist

Space Seeds  
Switchblade Love Saturn in Her Eyes

Youth Is Our Future  

Vindaloo Breakfast Suitable for Vegetarians
Springtime in the Garden Mr. XR3
Cloud 10  

World Intelligence Network Steamroller
Changing My Mind Rain
Disguise Reason
Memories Steamroller
My Life Vertically Downwards

World Intelligence Network 'LIVE'
Gas Lamp (Life's a Bastard) Society Stranger

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