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Rum & Butter

Thanks to: Alan Taylor

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Your website’s flying at the moment, people are well interested, what’s this about the nineties, did anything actually happen in the nineties? I can’t remember anything!
Rikk Quay

I guess you'll be taking a breather before setting about the post 1990 Tamworth scene, it must've been tough work but well done, mate, a fine job.
David Dukes

Well done, enjoy your life. But remember, we will all refer to this Tamcyclopedia of bands forever more!!!
Tony Cole (Bootleg Shadows, Big Blues Tribe, Gaf The Horse In Tears, Power & Glory, Four XXXXs. To name but a few!!!!)

Thanks very much for all your hard work and dedication; good on you for taking the initiative. 35 years ago I was one of the wide eyes in one of the bands featured as a moment in time on your website. I’ve since lost touch with all and sundry as many do. However, the memories are rock solid, even if the chops were not always so.
Enjoy your life back.
Calgary, Canada.

Hello Ed,
Congratulations, and thank-you for creating something that is so special to not only all the bands, but for documenting an era in Tamworth's history. These years were passionate times, in all of our lives. They will remain a constant pleasure to look back upon, remembering all the good times and camaraderie.
My hat's off to you sir!
Tim Latham

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work that you have put into this web site. I emigrated overseas in 1989 and have recalled many fond memories and great times that I had whilst playing and watching gigs in and around Tamworth.
Best regards
Malcolm Hallett Banjo / Bass – Soil Brothers.
(Now living in Gran Canaria)
As we always said “Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”

It has been an absolute pleasure to read. Well done on a thoroughly enjoyable slice of history.
Annette Witheridge, New York

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Rum & Butter

New Characters:
Keith Taylor - Eclipse, Cargo, Rum & Butter
Alan Taylor - Cargo, Rum & Butter
Andy Britton - Cargo, Rum & Butter
Steve James - Cargo, Rum & Butter
Roger Panton - Cargo, Rum & Butter
Gary Hedges - Eclipse
Dave Cowley - Eclipse
Keith Johnston - Eclipse

Thanks to: Keith Taylor

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