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Tim Goode at Foster's Yard, Polesworth in December 1985.

Tim Goode at Foster's Yard, Polesworth in December 1985.

 The reason Tim Goode had such short hair was that he had suffered a VERY serious hospitalisation and had undergone emergency brain surgery to save his life only several weeks earlier and this was the first week he had been out again.

Quite a shocking story that had almost ended in tragedy.

Tim had been sitting on the bonnet of a friend's car on the Leyfields messing about one night and whoever was in the car drove off slowly with Tim still on the bonnet.

Anyway, Tim fell off and banged his head on the kerb of the road.

But bounced up laughing and no one thought anything of it.

However the next day he was suffering from excruciating head pains.

Tim's mum called the doctor out who advised just that he take some painkillers.

Things deteriorated throughout the day and so Tim' parents called out another doctor who immediately called for an ambulance and he was rushed into hospital.

Later we were told Tim had suffered a life threatening blood clot on the brain and had the condition gone on much longer he could well have died.

As it was, Tim was sent to the Midland Centre For Neurosurgery at Smethwick and the surgeons there basically saved his life.

It was a deeply upsetting and worrying time for everyone with the Dream Factory as you can imagine.

This pic was Tim's return to Dream Factory rehearsals at Foster's Yard in Polesworth in December 1985.

Mark Mortimer

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