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Tamworth Bands History : 1965

 UK Number Ones - 1965
Week Ending Act TITLE
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Yeh Yeh
Moody Blues Go Now
Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Kinks Tired Of Waiting For You
Seekers I'll Never Find Another You
Tom Jones It's Not Unusual
Rolling Stones The Last Time
Unit Four Plus Two Concrete & Clay
Cliff Richard The Minute You're Gone
Beatles Ticket To Ride
Roger Miller King Of The Road
Jackie Trent Where Are You Now (My Love)
Sandie Shaw Long Live Love
Elvis Presley Crying In The Chapel
Hollies I'm Alive
Byrds Mr Tambourine Man
Beatles Help!
Sonny & Cher I Got You Babe
Rolling Stones (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Walker Brothers Make It Easy On Yourself
Ken Dodd Tears
Rolling Stones Get Off Of My Cloud
Seekers The Carnival Is Over
Xmas No 1
Beatles Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out


 In the News - 1965
January 24th - Sir Winston Churchill died aged 90
March 3rd - US bombs Vietnam, marines begin landing in strength
June 3rd - Major Edward White became the first American to walk in space from Gemini IV travelling at 117,500 mph
The Beatles are presented with MBEs by the Queen causing some recipients of the medal to return theirs to the Palace as they saw it as a devaluation of the system to present pop idols with it
July 27th - Edward Heath elected leader of the Conservative Party
October - Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were accused of the Moors murders (parliament had only just repealed the death sentence for murder)
November 29th - Mrs Mary Whitehouse formed the National Viewers Association
A maximum speed limit of 70mph was introduced into Britain
Sanctions were introduced against Rhodesia as Britains last African colony had declared UDI by premier Ian Smith
Race riots in the Watts district of Los Angeles


January - March April - June
The Zombies play Tamworth. Tamworth's first Folk Club.
July - September October - December
Fazeley Murderer sentenced to death. The Gingermen become The Inn-Sect

Things were beginning to quieten down musically in Tamworth by 1965. The beat boom that had grown and grown through ‘63 and ‘64 was tailing off and the regular band nights at the Assembly Rooms every, Friday, Saturday and Monday were soon to be a thing of the past. The biggest ‘name’ bands to play Tamworth in ‘65 were The Zombies and the ‘N Betweens (later to become Slade).

Atherstone Memorial Hall, the other main venue was no longer being used for the Saturday Beat Nights, in fact an advertisement in the Tamworth Herald of February 12th 1965 stated: “Atherstone Memorial Hall is now available for casual bookings on Saturday nights.”

In the wider World, 1965 saw Sir Winston Churchill die aged 90 on January 24th and The Beatles presented with MBEs by the Queen causing some recipients of the medal to return theirs to the Palace as they saw it as a devaluation of the honours system.

Vince Baker - again!
Local dance promoter Vince Baker, the man who bought The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Tamworth was still in the news, in the Tamworth Herald of 15th January, 1965, the headline read: “Prison After Knife Skirmish with Dance Promoter”. The last mention of Vince Baker in 1965 was Vince Baker’s Teenage Night on 19th July featuring The Scene Five. Later events at the Assembly Rooms were promoted by ‘3 Star Entertainments’ from Stourbridge.

Local Bands
Local bands who could be seen performing regularly in and around the town included: The Wanderers, The Vipers, The Fortune Tellers and The Blackouts. A new beat group formed at Tamworth Youth Centre, The Gingermen were featured in the Herald – later to change their name to The Inn-Sect.

Folk Music
In a feature in the Herald on 25th June, we read about a new musical genre making an impact in the town, under the headline: “Folk Club is Born” – we read: “In a clubroom above the Prince of Wales in Lower Gungate last Tuesday, the opening of Tamworth's own Folk Club attracted around 50 young people”. Suggested reasons for it’s new popularity included: “…folk music has been lying just below the surface and now with the influence of American Bob Dylan, Donovan and The Seekers from Australia, it has broken through with the help of the younger generation's ceaseless search for something different.”

A curious advertisement appeared in the Herald this year: Human Hair Always Wanted - 5/- per oz paid for suitable hair tied at cut end, 6in. or longer.

On July 30th, the Fazeley Murder Trial took place, where a 40 year old radio and TV engineer was found guilty of capital murder at Worcester assizes and sentenced to death. On August 13th, the first shops opened in the new £250,000 Lower Gungate shopping precinct.

The rest of ’65 saw other local acts performing at various venues in the area including Working Mens Clubs, the new Tamworth Progressive Club and Club 21 at the Mile Oak Hotel. The Spirits, Ronnie Hancox Band, Johnny Eville and The Satans could be seen and a band described as the Tamworth Beatles – The Four XXXXs. These were to become bigger and bigger through ‘65 and ‘66 and included on vocals ‘Kip’ Wood – later known as Kippa the DJ - still performing to this day.

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